Installations & Maintenance

Vehicle Wrapping

Get ready to ride in style. We expertly apply vinyl to every inch of your vehicle. We take our time to make sure that each curve and contour is wrapped to perfection, like tucking it in for a good night’s sleep. Let us take the wheel and give your ride the ultimate vehicle application!

Wallpaper Application

We don’t just slap wallpaper on the wall and call it a day, oh no. We carefully caress each sheet of paper, smoothing it out like a delicate silk piece. We ensure that every pattern lines up perfectly and every edge is razor sharp. It’s like we’re giving your walls a fabulous makeover!

Vinyl Application

We’re all about vinyl! We get down to business, peeling and sticking that vinyl like it is a funky dance move. We make sure every edge is sharp, and every corner is tight, like wrapping your surfaces up like a present. Let’s create some magic together if you are ready to funk up your space.

Sandblast Application

Artistic masterpiece with a blast! We ensure that your glass is clean with no pesky fingermarks. Then we carefully apply your design to the surface; the smoothness will delight you. Ready to add some funk to your glass? Let us help your dream come alive.

Banner & Flags installation

We know how to hang banners and flags in a way that’ll make your message pop! Your flags will flutter in the breeze, and we will make sure your banner is perfectly stretched. If you are ready to show off your message to the world, let us hang your banner or flag and get this party started!

Signage Installation

We don’t just install signs; we make sure that your message is loud and clear. We ensure your sign is secure and perfectly positioned, drilling and bolting like a funky dance. So, if you’re ready to make a statement and get noticed, let us install your sign and make your message shine bright.

Maintenance & Electrical Work



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